Sunday, July 12, 2015

A DIY sauna kit

A few years ago, I received a do-it-yourself sauna kit that included a book of matches, a selection of rocks and a small bottle of water. Which are the bare essentials that make a sauna what it is — heat, rocks, steam.

It was the funniest gift — every time I’d come upon the pieces, whether in my desk drawer or on our 0-season porch, I’d grin. It was a great reminder that a sauna can be enjoyed in many places.

Recently, we traveled to North Dakota’s Badlands — with massive boulders, great vistas and unusual landforms, and even this shelter. I’d brought that kit with me, planning to add it to the pix I was taking of the scenery. But I forgot. Yes, I could photoshop the kit in, but it’d be so much funnier if it had really been in the photo instead of just in the car.

Here are two of the places we liked in the north unit of Teddy Roosevelt Park. To add the kit, you have to use your imagination. But — can you imagine taking a sauna here?  It’s still a DIY project.