Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Beatles and the sauna

The Beatles tried a sauna?? You're kidding?
The anniversary of this important sauna event occurred Aug. 21. But, because we were traveling, I missed doing anything about it. Here is the note I received from Joe Young:
“Fifty years ago today the Beatles made their only appearance in Minnesota, at a concert Aug. 21, 1965, at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington (now the site of the Mall of America). Ray Crump, equipment manager for the Minnesota Twins (Met Stadium’s baseball tenants who would next month clinch the American League Pennant, but then lose to the Dodgers in the World Series), was charged with the task of squiring the mop-topped lads around the stadium clubhouse, Ray’s bailiwick, before the concert. At one point he asked them if they wanted to relax pre-performance with a sauna. They did.”
It was the Beatles' first sauna ever! KARE-11 interviewed Ray Crump about his memories of the day, which included his taking pictures with them.
Interestingly, though they were young kids from Liverpool, they knew of Harmon Killebrew and wanted to know which locker was his.
Thanks to my friend Joe, we will now be able to nail the answer when — in some bar bet or trivia contest — we are asked, “Where did the Beatles enjoy their first sauna?”
By the way Joe Young has the most amazing puzzle blog, Each week he swaps a “pizza puzzle menu” of appetizers and main slices. I've never got a single one, but they're still amazing.

This is #1 in a series of famous people in the sauna.