In 'Es-Steam'

Because I don't like being hot, I have only been in a sauna twice in my life. After finishing page 50 of "Some Like It Hot," and reading about the health benefits, I would be willing to try a sauna again (not naked though). The book is a great read.

~ Patsy

Health benefits are important to me so I liked learning that saunas are good for mental, physical and emotional health. I especially like the idea of being in the moment while taking a sauna. Now I would love to go out and buy my own. Big question Where should I put it?

~ Ruth C.

Saunas are a very Finnish form of relaxation and socialization. So who better to tell you all you need to know about taking a sauna than Finnish author Nicolyn Rajala? 

Have you wondered about how one should dress for taking a sauna? The Finnish people are very comfortable with their bodies. The book quotes these sauna buffs as saying wearing any garb in the sauna, is like washing ones feet with socks on! There are many more stories about funny happenings in the sauna.

~ Agnes Marie

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