Sunday, July 24, 2016

A too-long sauna? Oops

Bill, my best-est sweetie and sharp news reader, found a sauna item in the sports section of the July 23 Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Sauna, shower don't provide intended result.”
Russell Martin, a Toronto Blue Jays catcher, had relaxed during an extended sauna at his personal residence. Then, taking a cold shower, he passed out and fell, injuring his knee. 
Afterwards, he reported feeling “woozy” from the long sauna—a bit scared from the experience— and recalled feeling weak during sauna previously, but had never lost consciousness. Because of it all, he will miss a couple of games. Bummer.
I've overextended myself in the sauna three times. When “wooziness” hits, I now know to quickly get out and get prone. Then I tank up on water and don't return for more rounds of sauna that particular day. 
 In these hot days, stay hydrated, and full of potassium. 

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